If a picture is worth a thousand words then how much is a video worth? You have the option to embed a video in your crescendo story for more impact and clarity.


    CrescenedoSPeak gives you complete control over your campaign target by letting you choose any supporter goal (min of 50) and aspire towards it.


    Engage, inspire and entice your existing and potential supporter base by putting up updates as your crescendo builds up. These updates will also be automatically mailed to your supporter base who have subscribed to your crescendo.


    With our base analytics, you can gauge the progress of your crescendo build up across the social media platforms. We provide you with the supporter and promoter build up analysis across Facebook and Twitter for the duration of your campaign.


    Leverage the traffic on your own website by embedding your campaign widget on your site. Via the widget, people can support your campaign directly from your website.

  • SHORT FUSE (quick approval process)

    We approve your crescendo within 72 hours. However, if you just can’t wait to get cracking, then you can opt for the expedited approval that will give you an answer within 24 hours.

    Price : 500/campaign Buy Now


    To garner more support for you crescendo we give you the option to run a contest among your supporter base and to give cash reward for the same. This is an optional feature that crescendo builders can opt for while building and running their campaigns. One supporter out of the people who answer correctly to the contest question will be chosen by our system and given this Drumroll Bonus.

    Price : 20% of the Drumroll Bonus Buy Now

  • GRENADE (guaranteed message blast)

    We know it’s not always easy to hit the supporter goal. Even the best campaigns sometimes falter. But you can still blast your message even if the supporter goal is not met.

    The Crescendo may not have reached its Peak but you can still make it Speak.

    Price : 1000/campaign Buy Now


    Not everything is in our control. Maybe the relevance of the launch date has shifted. Whatever the reason; you can opt to change the launch date of your crescendo.

    Price : 1000/campaign Buy Now


    Let the voice of your crescendo continue speaking even after your campaign ends. We give you the supporter list and the e-mail ids of your supporters (those who have consented for this data to be shared) so that you can keep the dialogue open. We also give you the breakup of the social reach contributed by individual supporters across the social media platforms along with their names and profile URLs.

    Price : 1450/campaign Buy Now


    Opt for advanced analytics options to dive deep into the nitty gritties of the various aspects of your crescendo as it built up. It offers you the demographic breakup and analysis of both your promoter and supporter base. It also includes performance parameters of your crescendo page like visitors-to-supporters conversions etc. Advanced analytics as a package also includes the Supporter List and E-mails feature by default.

    Price : 2450/campaign Buy Now


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