Frequently Asked Questions

A. CrescendoSPeak is a platform that gives your message the necessary push for it to go viral. It’s an enabler for multiple voices of the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) crowd to together shout out a single message at the same time.

A. This is to facilitate CrescendoSPeak to share the campaign message that you have supported.

A. The access to “Friend List” is for the sole purpose of calculating your social reach. There will be no interaction with any person on the list and no posting on their behalf.

A. CrescendoSPeak will not post anything on your friend’s account. The only post will be on your feed.

A. Social Reach is the sum of the friends and followers of the supporter’s Facebook and Twitter accounts respectively.

A. You can opt out of supporting a campaign by going to My Profile-> Supported Campaigns. You will be able to see all your supported campaigns and you can withdraw support by clicking the “withdraw support” button.

A. Though it will be heart wrenching for us but of course you can delete your account. Go to My Profile (via the credential that you had used while creating the account) and click on the Delete Account button. (Please be kind enough to tell us the reason for deleting)

A. It typically takes 2-3 working days for the approval process. In case you want an expedited approval, please read about our Expedited Approval feature in the features page.

A. Creating a basic crescendo is completely free and so are many of our support features that go along with it. However there are certain features that we offer for a premium. These features cater to specific purposes. For further details please click here.

A. CrescendoSPeak automatically shortens the link for you. You need not bother with such trivialities.

A. Just copy paste the URL of the Youtube video that you want to embed in the "Embed Video" bar in the "Start" page.

A. We do not offer editing of the campaign post the approval process. You can however post updates on your campaign page.

A. The widget is a small snapshot of your crescendo. The code is available on a campaign's project page. Just click the "Embed" link and copy and paste the code into the HTML of your webpage.

A. Visit our instructions page to view some heady insights as to the building of your crescendo.

A. Supporter goal is highly subjective. It depends on the crescendo builder’s ability to garner support and also on the content of the message. More the supporters, more is the social reach. Thus, the best judge for the target is you.

A. If the supporter goal is not reached before the launch date, then the message isn’t blasted. If you still want a message blast, kindly read about our Grenade feature in the features page.

A. Facebook page has likes rather than friends. Thus, supporting via a Facebook page will not offer any increase to the social reach of the crescendo. You can however encourage your page followers to build the crescendo by putting it on the page.

A. Yes! The message will only be posted once on the Peak day (if the campaign is successful). And at it’s Peak your Crescendo will Speak.

(For any further queries please feel free to reach us at