Step 1: Campaign

You believe in your campaign. We believe in your campaign. Now its time to make the crowd believe in the same. Present your campaign to the crowd to bring together people who support what you are doing and to build your crowd network. Create a catchy campaign on CrescendoSPeak, with a detailed story complete with photographs and if possible, even a video. When people support your campaign to build your crescendo, they are lending their social media voice to you.

Campaign Message

This is the most important part of your campaign’s crescendo as this is the message that all your supporters consent to sharing on their social media accounts on the Peak day. The message contains a sentence explaining the campaign and a destination URL. The message has to be catchy in order to increase the chances of people clicking on the link and visiting your destination URL. The message can be 140 characters long, including the link. We suggest you use hashtags to gain more views from your crowd network.

Message Link:

This link is a part of the 140-character message that is shared by your supporters on the Peak day. You don’t have to worry if the link is too lengthy, as we will shorten it for you.

Please be careful while submitting this link as this would be the link everybody would be clicking on once it gets shared by your supporters on the Peak day.

Supporter Goal:

Your supporter goal is the minimum number of supporters by whom you want your message shared on social media on the Peak day. We suggest you to take a supporter goal that you are comfortable with. If your goal is not reached, the message blast by your supporters will not happen. For a sure shot message blast, you can use our Grenade feature.

Peak Day:

This is the day (and time) of the Message Blast- the simultaneous posting of your message by all your supporters on social media. You have to reach your supporter goal before the Peak Day to ensure the Message Blast. Your Peak day can be up to 60 days at the maximum from the day you start your crescendo. You utilize this time to reach and surpass your supporters goal.

After your campaign is live, if for any reason you need to change the Peak day of your crescendo, then our Flexible End Date feature helps you do just that.

Campaign Title:

The title of your campaign is of prime importance to build your crescendo. This is the first thing that anybody would notice about your campaign. The title, though small, should capture the essence of your campaign. A catchy and exciting title can help you get supporters from the crowd easily.

Featured Photo:

This photo will be published on your crescendo snapshot. This photo along with the campaign title would attract supporters and help you build your crescendo. You can crop and size your photo for best placement on the snapshot layout.


This is where you describe your campaign in detail to get your crowd network together. Your story should explain to potential supporters why they should support you in building your crescendo and spreading your message. You can use text; images and video to better tell your story.

Drumroll Bonus:

Add a little boost to your crescendo.

To garner more support for your crescendo we give you the option to run a contest among your supporter base and to give cash reward for the same. This is an optional feature that crescendo builders can opt for while building and running their campaigns. One supporter out of the people who answer the contest question correctly will be chosen by our system and given this Drumroll Bonus.

This is an optional feature.

Step 2: Crescendo

“United we stand. Divided we go…. Unheard.”

Once you have created your campaign you need to promote and build its crescendo. While your crescendo is building you would be gathering your crowd network and nearing your supporter goal (maybe even surpassing it). As you march to your Peak Day your crescendo gets stronger and here are a few tips to increase its pitch further.

Talk Talk Talk:

We at CrescendoSPeak continuously promote our website and active crescendos on our site, but our efforts alone are not sufficient. You must talk about your campaign everywhere; email, social media, messages, phone calls etc. Get people to visit your crescendo page and support you in building your crescendo. Together we work on making your crescendo successful.

Promotion Plan:

Make a solid promotion plan to help your crescendo reach its peak. Here are a few tips from our side, but feel free to connect with us if you need more help.

  • Publish and post your crescendo link on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+.
  • Send out an e-mail about your crescendo to all friends and family asking them to share it further
  • Support other crescendos and ask them to return the favor
  • Initiate a Drumroll Bonus

Increase Promoters:

People who promote your crescendo are your premium crowd network. They help you reach your peak by inviting their friends and followers to support your crescendo. So don’t hesitate to ask your friends to promote your crescendo till the Peak day. All they have to do is click the share button on your crescendo page and share it through any channel they want (email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn).

Embeddable widget:

Use the existing traffic of your own website to promote and support your crescendo. This lets the audience see your crescendo backed by the authenticity of your website. Visitors to your site can see the embedded button on your site and support your crescendo without leaving the site.

Interact and discuss:

Reply to all the promotion tweets and posts that your promoters generate to build your crescendo. Answer any doubts that your supporters ask and like and re-tweet all promotion tweets till the Peak day.


Keep the energy of your crescendo high by constantly sharing updates with your supporters. Any supporter, when he sees regular updates, gets excited about the crescendo and has a higher chance of promoting it. Updates can be like:

  • Updates on performance: “We have reached 50% of our supporter goal in just 3 days!!”
  • Updates on story
  • Update on how promoters and supporters are responding: “We have a 50% increase on our Facebook page likes. Thanks guys, for joining our crescendo”

These updates are emailed to all supporters who wish to be kept informed. Hence, to keep up the energy of your crescendo, KEEP UPDATING.

Step 3: Blast

CrescendoSPeak helps you to share 1 message with unlimited people at the same time. Once you reach your Peak Day, if you have completed your supporter goal, your campaign message will be automatically published simultaneously on the social media accounts of all your supporters. On the Peak day your crescendo will Speak for itself!

Post blast, it’s your responsibility to nurture the crowd network you have built through your crescendo.

Below are a couple of things we suggest you do post the message blast.

Like-Share-Comment-Re-tweet. REPEAT:

Acknowledge the automatic blast message and like, share, comment & re-tweet it to let your crowd network know that you acknowledge their support and are thankful to them for lending their social media voice, so that your crescendo could be heard.

A simple Thank you:

Say the Magic Words.

Say “Thank you” as lending one’s social reach is an investment in trust. Let your supporters know that they were an integral part of building your crescendo. Show them your final CrescendoSPeak results, such as the percentage of the campaign that was supported and its total social reach. People appreciate seeing the results, especially if they are a part of the success.

Personal Acknowledgement:

We at CrescendoSPeak provide you with a list of all your supporters and the link to their social media accounts. Utilize this data to personally acknowledge the important role that they played in building your crescendo. Because let’s face it, everybody loves personal attention!!

Follow up:

You now have a crowd network that believes in your campaign and is interested in what you’re saying. Update them on any other CrescendoSPeak campaigns that you have. Just ensure that those campaigns are relevant to what they originally supported.