At its Peak let your Crescendo Speak.

Crescendo: A gradual increase in the volume or intensity of sound. We at CrescendoSPeak help you to build a crescendo for your cause/business/campaign; basically anything that you truly believe in.

  • Launch your website/blog with a bang on a pre-decided date…
  • Promote a social cause or raise awareness on a current affair topic..
  • Promote an event online..
  • And much more… now possible by harnessing the power of the crowd by building your own crowd network. CrescendoSPeak, being India’s 1st crowdspeaking platform, lets you do just that.

         Don’t let your voice get lost in the noise.

Social media platforms are like noisy stations where its easy to say something but difficult to be heard. CrescendoSPeak is India’s 1st crowdspeaking platform that gives you the power to get your message shared and heard by unlimited people at the same time. We help you build a crescendo for your campaign by connecting users on social media and on the Peak day, all your supporters share your message with their friends and followers at the same time.

         Utilize the power of the crowd

We at CrescendoSPeak help you utilize the power of the crowd to make your message go viral. You have a business/cause/campaign that you want to promote, you post about it on social media forums but after some time the message dies down. With CrescendoSPeak you would be able to promote your message for a duration decided by you through several social media channels and on the Peak day the message will be broadcasted on all your supporters’ social media pages at the same time.

Moreover, reaching out to the relevant target group is easier by creating your own crowd network. CrescendoSPeak lets you do that for free and if you wish, you can use some of our cool features like “Drumroll”, “Flexible End Date” etc. to further customize your campaign and reach out to your crowd network.

So even if you have just 200 friends on Facebook/Twitter; so what!! We will help you broadcast your message to millions of people at the same time and that too for free. So why spend any more time wondering, start your crescendo now!

         Your guide to the new terms on the social media

As we are India’s 1st crowdspeaking platform we thought why not build a small glossary explaining the relevant terms that you would come across CrescendoSPeak campaigns and it would help you build your own Crescendo as well:


At its Peak let your Crescendo Speak.

CrescendoSPeak is India’s 1st platform that gives your message the necessary push for it to go viral. It’s an enabler for multiple voices of the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) crowd to together shout out a single message at the same time.

Crowd Network:

Group of unrelated people united by the same cause.

CrescendoSPeak helps you build your crowd network by using the power of social media. We help you bring together your online target group without spending money on social media promotional activities.


Getting your message heard through your crowd network.

Crowdspeaking is the broad term used for defining the process of harnessing the power of your crowd network to make your message be heard and shared.


A gradual increase in the volume or intensity of sound.

At CrescendoSPeak it’s the gradual increase in the intensity of the campaign promotion that you would wish to be heard and shared through CrescendoSPeak on social media channels on the peak day. The performance of your crescendo is measured against the goal set by you in terms of total supporters.


Your crowd network

People who support your campaign and agree to the campaign message being automatically posted on their social media page on the Peak day.


Your premium crowd network

People who promote your crescendo page till the Peak day to get more supporters for your campaign.

Peak Day:

The D-Day

The pre-decided day (and time) on which your campaign crescendo is at its peak, and your campaign message gets posted on all your supporters’ social media pages at the same pre-decided time.

Drumroll Bonus:

Add a little boost to your crescendo

To garner more support for your crescendo we give you the option to run a contest among your supporter base and to give cash reward for the same. This is an optional feature that crescendo builders can opt for while building and running their campaigns. One supporter out of the people who answer correctly to the contest question will be chosen by our system and given this Drumroll Bonus.

Feel free to write to us at if there are any more queries that you have; we would love to help you out and add more definitions to this list!!